Product Brochures
 TitleDescriptionCategoryModified Date
JIWA7Jiwa Financials2MB2/25/2016
LTHLPLink Technologies - Helpdesk (Case Management and Ticketing system)800KB2/25/2016
LTHRLink Technologies Human Resource Management System1MB5/17/2016
LTPOLink Technologies Point Of Sales1MB5/17/2016
LTPRLink Technologies Payroll1MB5/17/2016
LTPRLink Technologies Pharmacy Brochure1MB5/17/2016
LTRELink Technologies Recruitment Management System1MB2/25/2016
LTTELink Technologies - Time and Attendance System800KB2/25/2016
Link Software - Current Release
If you have trouble downloading large files, try using a download manager. Usually 100MB should be ok to download directly but that depends on the connection speed. There are a few download programs that can be used. Below is a link to a free application: http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/download.htm
 TitleDescriptionCategoryModified Date
LS10153FLinkSOFT Full Installation Package - Version 10.153.1021380 MB10/21/2019
LS10153CLinkSOFT Client Installation Package - Version 10.153.1021288 MB10/21/2019
Other Applications and Utilities
 TitleDescriptionCategoryModified Date
.NET46Microsoft .NET Framework 4.664 MB10/14/2019
CR20Crystal Reports Runtime Version 13.0.20 (For LinkSOFT V 10 and lower)76 MB10/14/2019
CR25Crystal Reports Runtime Version 13.0.25 (For LinkSOFT V11 +)102 MB10/14/2019
SQLSQL Server Express 2017 - CORE (No SSMS)282 MB10/22/2019
SSMSSQL Server Management Studio - 18.2541 MB10/22/2019


This page contains documentation and product brochures. For user guides and Technical specifications, please use your customer ID and log on to our Support Site.

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For new installations or server upgrades, a new licence will be required. Please submit your licence request to support@LinkTechnologies.com.au.

Customers are advised to read the documents for pre-requisites and install instructions.