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Link Technologies Edge Business Solutions Pte Ltd  Link Business Solutions Pte Ltd
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Phone: +679 923 7454
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Office Hours: Working days 8 AM to 5 PM  Office Hours: Working days 8 AM to 5 PM
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Service and Support
Your relationship with Link Technologies begins at the initial meeting where our qualified Pre-Sales team meets you to discuss your business requirements. Link builds a long-term partnership with our customers to ensure that our solutions deliver the answers to solve business problems today and position you to meet the challenges you'll face tomorrow.

Links services and support organization work with you to get your solutions up and running. Our goals are to identify and solve your business and technology needs. We strive to be responsive to your needs and provide you with the highest levels of customer service. We'll draw upon our industry knowledge, expertise and best practices to make sure you are fully leveraging our solutions.

To ensure that we are consistently delivering the highest levels of service to you, we survey our customers on a quarterly basis regarding the service they are receiving from our company.