About us

Link Technologies

We are a Business Applications and Services provider with a strong focus on Enterprise Resource Planning and Systems Integration.

Our principal activities include:

  • IT Software Support Services
  • Software and Hardware Consulting Services
  • Systems Audit and Health checks
  • Custom Applications Development (Web and high volume transaction processing)
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis and RFP development
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Management
  • Systems Stability and Sustainability management

LINK consists principally of three lines of business:

  • Business Analysis and Information Technology Solutions
  • Support and Maintenance Services
  • Applications Development

Business Strategy and Focus

Our business is all about providing our clients with high-quality products and services at the best value. To that end, we have a suite of integrated services designed to provide clients with powerful, end-to-end solutions that address their business and technology needs. Our proven competence in multiple technologies, project management and development methodologies has enabled us to be front-runners among IT, solution providers.

Quality @ LINK

Quality has been a cornerstone of our company's culture. We have robust development methodologies, systems processes that allow us to effectively compete globally. We are committed to delivering leading-edge, innovative and high-quality business solutions which ensures customer satisfaction. We do this by establishing a culture of continuous improvement and focusing on each project we have.

Statement of Competence

Link Technologies has worked in the healthcare, retail, government, manufacturing, airline, pharmaceutical and many more verticals over the last 15 years providing hardware and software solutions across Australia and other Pacific nations.

We work closely with our clients to ensure knowledge transfer and are accountable for our actions. In our dealings with our clients, we face various challenges and have been successful in managing changes and addressing difficult situations through dialogue and through understanding the difficulties faced in the clients working environments. With our vast experience in varying situations, we are able to manage these difficult situations. Our primary aim has always been to ensure the successful completion of the task at hand and to leave the client with a sustainable solution. We ensure that we use the best tools and technology available within the client's budget.

Link Technologies have managed projects from a small scale upgrade consisting of fewer than 5 resources. We also engage in projects utilizing up to fifteen resources over a period of four months. Our project managing style and approach to resource management has contributed to a high success rate in systems implementations both in software and hardware projects.

Key to Success

We believe the following are strong contributing factors to our success:

  1. Our team has an excellent understanding of Information systems and an in-depth knowledge on the design of hardware and software systems. Our staff constantly update their Information Technology and Business skills to ensure that our clients are able to make the best use of technology to help grow their business.
  2. An excellent understanding of business processes and our ability to retro fit business processes into information systems constraints. We develop a corporative and mutually respectful relation with our clients ensuring a long and successful partnership which is mutually beneficial to both parties.
  3. Accountability, commitment and a ridged project management style ensures on time deliveries and accurate reporting to the stakeholders. This also ensures a clear follow-up path and escalation process that leaves no stones unturned.
  4. Team work, honesty and integrity in analysis and decision making contributes to our teams success. Our team is committed to ensuring a true and accurate picture is portrayed and that we do not miss-lead our clients to thinking otherwise.
  5. Our solutions are driven by careful analysis of environmental constraints. This is one of the key factors to ensure a long term sustainable solution and a quick return of investment for our clients.