LinkSOFT 13.00 Released

Friday, August 27, 2021

LinkSOFT version 13.00

Status: Released. Expected Delivery Date: 27th August 2021. Please review release notes at this link

Performance Improvements
Event Logging and Support Enhancements
Licence Simplification

Version: 13.0.0827

Change Request

1. Licence changes for version 12.52 onwards (L12365)
2. Include "Employee ID" in the "ANZ Disk File and ANZ Transactive Files" (L12368)


1. Restore Database Script to Disable alerts and set the system to TEST Mode (L12537)
2. LinkSOFT API for Time And Attendance required HRM licence to maintain TNA Devices (L12366)
3. Knowledgebase improvements allow users to easily search for issues and solutions. (L12535)
4. Implement standard approval workflow to Time Approval, Leave Approval (L12360)
5. Implement standard approval workflow to Purchase Request and Purchase Order (L12361)
6. Helpfile to open based on the menu selected (L12362)
7. Database Tools - Add a mechanism to prevent a user from accidentally upgrading the same database from two separate machines (L12352)

Software Defect

1. Selecting the "Period" filter gives an error on "Superannuation Report (Fiji FNPF)" (L12370)
2. Rebuild employee super details when the fund is edited (L12357)
3. Purchased Received at HQ is not Replicated to the Configured Branch Servers (L12292)
4. Purchase Order with 0 costs is not integrated into MYOB (L12364)
5. Pay edit report is not generating when plugins are active (L12359)
6. Data not displayed on Shift Close Report (L12363)
7. Data not displayed on "Pay Edit Report" summary section when grouped by "Cost Centre" (L12369)

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