LinkSOFT 13.10 Released

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Status: Released. Delivery Date: 11 October 2021

LinkSOFT version 13.10
- Significant improvements to Audit tracking
- Replication performance improvements
- Stabilisation and Index tuning
- Bug Fixes

Version: 13.10.1011

Change Request

1. Variance in the "Tax Reconciliation Report" for the YTD pay. (L12547)


1. Replication Rule - Send Transactions to Configured Locations - Handle NO CONFIGURED LOCATIONS (L12581)
2. LinkSOFT "Audit Data" is not informative for analysis and reporting (L12237)
3. Leave Approver that is not an employee should get the Leave approval alert (L12576)

New Feature

1. Option to Capture Contract Terms without affecting Start Date (L12351)
2. Add UserCreated and User Modified on Important Tables (L12595)
3. Add ability for employees to manage their own "Direct Credit" in Payroll (L12568)

Software Defect

1. VMS licence is checked when changing SDC configuration in POS Configuration screen (L12583)
2. Unable to save "Qualification" details with a long description (L12586)
3. Syntax error is logged when searching Helpdesk cases with spaces between words, e.g. 'additional fields AND edit'. (L12592)
4. Employee Bank Direct Credit Setup = can add a second entry with "remainder" checked (L12594)
5. Application Title does not sometimes refresh when logging in (L12539)
6. "Quantity Delivered" and "This Delivery" is incorrectly updated for a partial delivery in Linkweb (L12582)

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