Asset Management


Link AssetManager is a Web Based Asset Management application that provides complete recording and reporting on a companies fixed assets. Link Asset Management provides a central repository for storing and retrieving your asset records, allowing you to quickly look up information about a specific asset or group of assets.
Link AssetManager is built using Microsoft tools and technologies. A full ASP.NET web Application built using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Link Asset Manager utilises Microsoft SQL Server to store and process data. All reports are fully customisable and new reports can be easily added. All reports are designed using Crystal Reports 11.
  1. Internet Information Server 7.0
  2. Microsoft Dot Net Framework 4.0
  3. Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Quick Installation Steps:
  1. Install SQL Server 2008 (or SQL 2008 Express)
  2. Restore the database provided. Use DEMO or BLANK database
  3. Install IIS 7.0 and Configure to use Microsoft Dot Net Framework 4.0
  4. Publish the Link Assetmanagement web site files. Login to Asset Management. Username: Admin, Password: Password123
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